05 November 2008

What was scampering about in my mind after reading a few other blogs

There are the are the stable disabled, the up & down disabled & the degenerative disabled & some mixes of those. I am the degenerative disabled with a splash of up & down disabled for flavor.

I can only speak for myself & I am a total n00b in the disabled world I grant, but I think it's harder to get the rest of the world to understand the fact the up & down people are disabled. Some days I can't get my legs to bear weight, but most days I can but it's painful. I often don't know if I'm going to be able to do something as simple as snap my fingers until I try to do it which I can either not do it or I can do it & risk a dislocation. I am averaging 1 migraine a week right now & that's a huge improvement over how I was doing this summer. I am disabled by a few different things, but once in a while I get to go visit the land of AB for an hour or so, but I never know when those times will be so I can't even take advantage of them. Those trips suck though, it's hard for me to accept that I am disabled because of them & if I have trouble getting it thru my thick head how can I expect others to figure it out.

When you have an up & down condition you often put off going to the doctor which means you spend a while listening to others tell you to suck it up, you spend a while telling yourself that too. When you have a degenerative condition you start out pretty normal then slowly go down, since it's often a slow trip down you often don't even realize you've gone down hill until things are getting pretty crappy.

I don't know if there is a point really to this, but I read Drake's post & then Yanub's & they got my mind rolling & this is what was scampering about in there.

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