24 April 2009

Social Security

I got my letter from Social Security with their decision. I was approved. I know some areas take ages to process claims so I guess I live in an area that doesn't have a bad backlog since I only applied at the end of Dec. I think having gone to Mayo Clinic for my diagnosis & the fact the geneticist there stated flat out it will never get better & will only go down hill helped me get approved.

What I am glad for (apart from being able to pay my bills now, lol) is that when I have a good day that energy doesn't have to be sucked up by a job so that I have none left for Toad. That was really hard for me, I would work a 3 hour shift & then spend the rest of the day either just flopped on the sofa or napping on it & she would have the tv on. Now we are able to sit & read together or play together. On Wed after pre-school we were able to stop at the fast-food joint & have lunch together & I realized it's the 1st time just the 2 of us have ever eaten somewhere together. I'm glad this means my daughter gets a mom rather than a woman who can't do anything with her, I can't do a lot, but at least now I can do some stuff.

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