28 April 2009

My head, my head, my head...

I am so tired of these headaches! I have a constant headache, had it for over 20 years now, then the migraines for variety & then there's the other headache. My constant headache is a low hum of discomfort at the base of my skull, the other headache is a fucking icepick jammed right in there. The only thing that helps it is to have someone grab both sides of my head & make like you want to pull my head off, you must pull straight up, that stops the pain for 5-15 minutes. Or I take my index, middle & ring fingers of both hands & jam them in to the point of dislocation & that works until I stop, the second I stop the pain is back. Really the center of the pain is an area the size of a quarter, 50 cent piece, then radiates pain out from that. It's not all the time, maybe 2-3 times a week.

Anybody got any ideas? Pain meds don't do anything for this other than make me sleepy, migraine meds do nothing, my laying down MRI shows all is good & I doubt I can get an upright. My neuro & gp both referred me over to PT & I'll be getting a neck brace for when it's bad to see if that helps. I wonder about Chiari or CCI, but with a happy MRI I doubt I can get anyone to look further.


One Sick Mother said...

It sounds like Chiari or more likely CCI to me.

Unfortunately, very few people have a clue about how to diagnose this. you would have to go to NY, Chicago, CO or (I think) LA to find a specialist.

Let me know if you need more info, and I can send it to you.


Nikki said...

I'm pretty sure any idea I may have, you've already tried or thought of. Did you get the neck brace yet? I think that really might be at least part of the problem, especially since having someone practically rip your head off is the one thing that helps.