22 March 2009

Not much new

I have convinced my doc that I shouldn't have knee surgery for the time being. I'll be getting a knee brace & we'll see how I do with that. If that works ok-ish then I can hold off on the knee surgery consult. I do need a hand consult to see what/if anything ought to be done for them. I am going to ask my genetisit who said he'd refer me to anything I needed) to send me to the hand clinic at Mayo, between the osteoarthritis, the EDS, the Poland's & the neuropathy I am past what my GP wants/can deal with. I think it makes the most sense to see if the hand clinic will see me & try to deal with all the issues than get 1 doc to deal with each. I could have the neuro for neuropathy, a rhum for the OA, a othro for the PS & the GP & rhum for EDS, really that seems a bit much & a bit scattered.

I'm still doing the arthitis pool class at the gym & it's going well. I can't seem to go below 600-300-600 for the gabapentin

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