08 March 2009

I guess...

I'm still quiet because I don't have much to say, lol.

Hmm, let's see. Amelia has been back in school thanks to us getting a carpool thing going. We've got it set up to go til the end of March, by then it should be warm enough that we can walk. She's still loving pre-school. Her parent/teacher conference is coming up in another week, I know I'll hear all about how she doesn't use scissors well & her pencil grip is incorrect. With the utmost respect I say "Bite me.", really she may never do them correctly, I don't. Also I have noticed a few things over the years that have got me wondering if she has development disorder, ASD or ADHD, something in there. If she does it's pretty mild, but there are quirks to her behavior that make me pause, & there are quite a few of them. Overall she's fine, but I am thinking of having her evaluated to see if she does have something so we can get a plan to cope set up. Thankfully where I live evaluations are free. I'll be doing this come summer.

I am the same as ever. I decided not to see the ortho about knee surgery. I don't have enough of a support system going to have the help I would need while I recover. I'm going to ask for a knee brace instead. I am still tapering down on the gabapentin & it's going well, I'm just yesterday down to 300-300-600. I am dropping things more, but I'll adapt & deal with it.

I am still knitting & getting better. I've done a scarf, washcloth, a toy hat, some pins & am working on another scarf & going to try my hand at a sock soon. I think it's helping to keep my hand strength while I reduce the gabapentin.

I got my tax $ & bought a nice pair of shoes since I've given up on orthotics. I've gotten 2 of them so far & they suck. They drive me nuts & I can't see any benefit when I use them. So I decided quality footwear is what I need.

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