12 May 2009

Poland's Syndrome & Knitting

I had mentioned a few months back that I've taken up knitting, the one upside I hadn't realized til recently is that this will be awesome for Poland's.

First up, Gloves. If you've PS you know what I'm talking about right away, for those who don't please grab your normal gloves & put one on then either grab a glove that's much, much to big or take your other glove & pull it on so that the wrist band is on just past your knuckles. Feel that 1-2" of empty glove finger just flapping around, yep it bothers us too. So my options thus far in life, if I want my gloves to fit each hand, are buy cheap stretchy gloves, buy 2 pair of gloves that come in a size & just use one of each or just don't wear gloves. Now I can make my own gloves & each glove will match the other & fit!

Second up, Sleeves. After the above paragraph you should know what I'm talking about with sleeve. Every sweater I make will have the right length sleeves & the correct circumference as well. My right arm is a bit narrower as well as shorter.

This is gonna be awesome! Now I just have to get my skills up enough to be able to knit a glove or sweater, lol.