20 February 2009


I don't know where the hell my mine has been, but I think I really needed the blog break. I had been popping in from time to time to read other peoples blogs, but I needed to step back a bit I guess.

Anyhow, what's new with me? I'm got done w/PT for general joint crap & now may be heading back for my neck, stupid neck. I am trying to go to the water arthritis class at the gym, hope to do that 2x per week. I modify 90% of it, but the teacher is fine with that.

I got my orthotics & the one sucks so I doubt I'll be wearing them. 2 castings & 4 appts for 1 ok & 1 useless orthotic, lol.

My right knees pops a bit out all the time now so I am going next Friday to see on ortho for a consult to decided if surgery is needed. Dunno if I'd do surgery right now, but I'm up for seeing what ideas this doc might have.

I'm tapering down my Neurontin, I'm sick of the weight gain & I think that's a big knee pain/sublux issue. I was at 900-600-900 & got down to 600-600-600 & am switching to 600-300-600 this week. My goal is 300-300-300 or 300-0-600, something around that. I have gained 25lbs in 18 months & that's got to be killing my knees. My neuropathy is coming back up with these lower doses, but I think I'd rather have the neuropathy.

I'm not dieting, cause I suck at it, but I have cut soda out & am just trying to nibble snacks so much. Also trying to be sensible with what I eat. Like I still get take-away, but last night I got chicken sandwich instead of a burger or if we get drive-thru Toad & I will split a burger & each have our own small fry. Even if I don't loose much, that's ok so long as I stop gaining.